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Vol 21 No 1 2013

Free downloadGuest editorial: Can One Nation Labour learn from the British New Left?

Editorial // Madeleine Davis

The British New Left has made an unexpected return to the political stage.

Free downloadThe first New Left, Blue Labour and English modernity

Feature // Jonathan Rutherford

The first New Left was intent on uprooting the confining social conventions of the past. Blue Labour is intent on putting down roots for the common good.

Free downloadFaith, flag and the ‘first’ New Left: E. P. Thompson and the politics of ‘one nation’

Feature // Michael Kenny

Can E. P. Thompson’s progressive patriotism inform a new politics of ‘one nation’?

The New Left’s economic model: the challenge to Labour Party orthodoxy

Feature // Mark Wickham Jones

The New Left offered a coherent economic model but it did not make an impact on the broader labour movement.

Lessons of the May Day Manifesto

Feature // Michael Rustin

The value of a holistic analysis of the state of capitalism.

Interview: Crises of capitalism and social democracy

Commentary // John Bellamy Foster, Bill Blackwater

John Bellamy Foster analyses the implications of the ‘stagnation-financialisation trap’ for capitalism and social democracy.

Free downloadLeveson, politicians and the press: origins of the present crisis

Feature // Helena See

Reform of the press will ultimately depend on the party leaders breaking free of the power relationship that has dominated the last thirty years of British politics.

Free downloadLeveson, press freedom and the watchdogs

Feature // Jacob Rowbottom

Press independence can be jeopardised by both private and state power.

Free downloadThe political economy of the service transition

Essay // Anne Wren

The rise of the service economy creates new choices over policy and opens up opportunities for new coalitions adapted to the dynamics of post-industrial labour markets.

Free downloadWelsh Labour in power: ‘One Wales’ vs. ‘One Nation’?

Essay // David S. Moon

Can Labour in Wales chart a route that Miliband’s ‘One Nation’ agenda might follow?

Free downloadGraeme Cooke and Rick Muir: The Relational State

Review // Catherine Needham

An emergent consensus on the value of relational accounts of public services.

Tim Bale: The Conservatives Since 1945

Review // Robert Saunders

How did the Conservatives change?