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Vol 21 No 4 2013

One more organisational effort embracing everything from big data analytics to community campaigning ... may well bring non-voting blue collar citizens out for a last vote on trust for Labour, but they will not re-elect an Ed Miliband government unless that government actually tackles the root causes of their problems with a radical policy agenda.

Marcus Roberts

Free downloadSweden is better than this

Editorial // Katrine Kielos

The fight about economic credibility is fundamentally about reinstating a belief in politics.

The turning points of history

Feature // Danny Dorling

How many years have to go by before you can say that there has been a turning point in history?

People before profit: Labour’s ethical past and its response to the latest crisis in capitalism

Feature // Jonathan Davis

The global economic crisis is not just an economic crisis - it is a crisis in liberal democracy. Labour’s response to it is being shaped by its history of ethical politics.

Social democracy after the crisis

Feature // Luke Martell

The crisis in Europe allows social democracy to rediscover itself and to rethink.

Free downloadWhat would a 40% strategy for Labour look like?

Roundtable // Marcus Roberts

Can Labour build a governing coalition from a fragmented and apathetic electorate?

Free downloadThe British corporate welfare state

Essay // Kevin Farnsworth

Public provision for private companies accounts for a surprising share of state expenditure.

Immigration, immigration, immigration

Notebook // Sally Tomlinson

Post-imperial hostilities, 1930s fascism, 1970s Powellism, and several decades of political cowardice in the face of race hatred are coming together in a toxic brew.

Labour party, labour movement?

Notebook // Cherry Parker

A Labour Party that has shrunk to a semi-professional core needs to rediscover its original purpose as a movement.

Free downloadWho’s afraid of public ownership?

Review essay // Joe Guinan

Return of the repressed.

Free downloadAnne Wren (ed.): The Political Economy of the Service Transition

Review // James Plunkett

Another world is possible – if only we knew how to get there.

Kevin Hickson and Roy Hattersley (eds.): The Socialist Way

Review // Jenny Andersson

What One Nation Labour might be.

Andrew Adonis: Five Days in May

Review // Simon Griffiths

A missed opportunity?