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Author: Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy is the Labour MP for Wigan. She is one of the founders of the Centre for Towns, an independent, non-partisan organisation dedicated to providing research and analysis of the UK’s towns.

Free downloadIdeas worth fighting for

Essay / Lisa Nandy / Vol 26 No 4 2018

What is the significance of the Paris agreement?

Notebook / Lisa Nandy / Vol 24 No 1 2016

Free downloadInterview: principles, not mechanisms

Commentary / Lisa Nandy, James Stafford / Vol 23 No 1/2 2015

The reform of public services: the One Nation agenda

Commentary / Lisa Nandy, Steve Reed / Vol 22 No 1/2 2014

Free downloadFairness and future generations

Commentary / Lisa Nandy / Vol 18 No 3/4 2010