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Vol 23 No 4 2015

Free downloadLabour’s ideology: towards common ground

Editorial // Ben Jackson

Intellectual divisions on the left may be more apparent than real.

Free downloadBring back the Institute for Workers’ Control

Feature // Joe Guinan

The movement for workers’ control in the 1970s was among the most promising of the many roads not taken in the forgotten history of the left.

Free downloadMondragon in five points: advantages and challenges of worker co-operatives

Feature // Thomas Ferretti

Anyone serious about fostering freedom, equality and social justice should support co-operatives.

Socialism through the lens of Alasdair MacIntyre: post-war Labour visions and Blue Labour

Essay // Chloe McLellan

Vulnerability and dependence were central to Labour’s understanding of socialism after 1945.

A false grail? Labour and the pursuit of democracy

Essay // Rob Manwaring

The limits of Labour’s experiments with deliberative democracy in Britain and Australia.

Corbyn, Sanders, and a transatlantic left?

Notebook // Ashraf Ahmed

What would constitute a realistic measure of success for the new insurgent left in Britain and the United States?