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Vol 22 No 3/4 2014

Free downloadModern money and the escape from austerity

Editorial // Joe Guinan

Modern monetary theory destroys the intellectual basis for austerity but needs a more robust political economy.

Free downloadThe upas tree: the over-development of London and the under-development of Britain

Feature // Jeffrey Henderson, Suet Ying Ho

If there is to be any economic rejuvenation of Britain’s nations and regions, then Britain must become a federal state.

Free downloadClement Attlee and the foundations of the British welfare state

Feature // Rachel Reeves, Martin McIvor

The early career of Clement Attlee reminds us that the welfare state was never intended to stand alone. Its stability depends on a set of ethical, economic, and political foundations.

Miraculous Germany: shifting perceptions of German economic performance

Feature // Wencke Meteling

The shift in public discourse about German success is not the result of an economic miracle, but of a neo-liberal Zeitgeist that underestimated the strengths of Germany’s economic model.

Free downloadInterview: capitalism, neo-liberalism and democracy

Commentary // Wolfgang Streeck, Ben Jackson

Wolfgang Streeck discusses the financial crisis, his concerns about the neo-liberal implications of European integration, and his criticisms of the ‘varieties of capitalism’ school.

Free downloadThe limits of neo-liberalism

Roundtable // Bob Jessop, Stephanie Mudge, Jonathan Derbyshire, William Davies

A debate on a searching new investigation of the neo-liberal project.

Free downloadInterview: inequality and what to do about it

Commentary // Thomas Piketty, Martin O’Neill, Nick Pearce

Thomas Piketty replies to his critics.

The role of ideas in a revival of social democracy: the case of the Australian Labor Party

Essay // Tim Battin

The recent history of the Australian Labor Party shows that the neglect of social democratic ideas opens the door to the reassertion of neo-liberal orthodoxy.

Harold Wilson’s rhetoric

Notebook // Andrew Scott Crines

Revisiting the Wilsonian language of renewal.

Free downloadThe problem of riches

Review essay // Paul Segal

An important book that is not really about capital, and is not really about the twenty-first century.

Free downloadKayte Lawton, Graeme Cooke and Nick Pearce: The Condition of Britain

Review // Howard Reed

Strategies for social democratic surrender?

Philip Pettit: On the People’s Terms & Just Freedom

Review // Lea Ypi

Pettit’s republic.

Free downloadRoger Liddle: The Europe Dilemma

Review // Jeremy Cliffe

An unsayable truth: time for Britain to reconsider the euro.