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Vol 22 No 3/4 2014

If we are willing to explore what a humanly acceptable political economy of the future should be like, I think more than ever before that we have to put money in the centre. Who will be entitled to create money, and how? What sort of interest should be allowed? What sort of credit? Can we find a monetary regime that rules out bubbles while allowing for egalitarianism in a more stationary economy?

Wolfgang Streeck

Free downloadModern money and the escape from austerity

Editorial // Joe Guinan

Modern monetary theory destroys the intellectual basis for austerity but needs a more robust political economy.

The upas tree: the over-development of London and the under-development of Britain

Feature // Jeffrey Henderson, Suet Ying Ho

If there is to be any economic rejuvenation of Britain’s nations and regions, then Britain must become a federal state.

Free downloadClement Attlee and the foundations of the British welfare state

Feature // Rachel Reeves, Martin McIvor

The early career of Clement Attlee reminds us that the welfare state was never intended to stand alone. Its stability depends on a set of ethical, economic, and political foundations.

Miraculous Germany: shifting perceptions of German economic performance

Feature // Wencke Meteling

The shift in public discourse about German success is not the result of an economic miracle, but of a neo-liberal Zeitgeist that underestimated the strengths of Germany’s economic model.

Free downloadInterview: capitalism, neo-liberalism and democracy

Commentary // Wolfgang Streeck, Ben Jackson

Wolfgang Streeck discusses the financial crisis, his concerns about the neo-liberal implications of European integration, and his criticisms of the ‘varieties of capitalism’ school.

The limits of neo-liberalism

Roundtable // Bob Jessop, Stephanie Mudge, Jonathan Derbyshire, William Davies

A debate on a searching new investigation of the neo-liberal project.

Free downloadInterview: inequality and what to do about it

Commentary // Thomas Piketty, Martin O’Neill, Nick Pearce

Thomas Piketty replies to his critics.

The role of ideas in a revival of social democracy: the case of the Australian Labor Party

Essay // Tim Battin

The recent history of the Australian Labor Party shows that the neglect of social democratic ideas opens the door to the reassertion of neo-liberal orthodoxy.

Harold Wilson’s rhetoric

Notebook // Andrew Scott Crines

Revisiting the Wilsonian language of renewal.

Free downloadThe problem of riches

Review essay // Paul Segal

An important book that is not really about capital, and is not really about the twenty-first century.

Free downloadKayte Lawton, Graeme Cooke and Nick Pearce: The Condition of Britain

Review // Howard Reed

Strategies for social democratic surrender?

Philip Pettit: On the People’s Terms & Just Freedom

Review // Lea Ypi

Pettit’s republic.

Roger Liddle: The Europe Dilemma

Review // Jeremy Cliffe

An unsayable truth: time for Britain to reconsider the euro.